American Black Walnut is a medium to large hardwood, native to the eastern regions of North America. There are two different components to walnut wood. The outer layer is called sapwood and the inner layer is called the heartwood. Walnut sapwood has a creamy white colour. The walnut heartwood colour ranges from a golden or light brown to dark chocolate brown colour, and sometimes with narrow streaks of a darker purplish-brown.

American Black Walnut has a beautiful, fine and generally straight-grained timber, although sometimes it has an attractive wavy or curly grain, giving it a highly decorative figure. This could be in the form of wood curl, crotch, and burls.

During the materials selection for our furniture, it can be expected that some planks will have both heartwood and sapwood overlapping. The planks with creamy white sapwood are joined next to planks with heartwood, creating a unique aesthetic second to none, and accounting for American Black Walnut's endearing popularity.



Colour, grain, and texture variations are natural characteristics of authentic wood surfaces. Since no two trees are exactly alike, these variations are evident in every piece of wood. Therefore, there can be variation in colour, grain, and texture between actual finished products. Natural wood products will exhibit unique grains, scars, knots, splits and fissures that add to the distinct character of each exceptional piece.

The American Walnut wood planks are dried to reduce splitting and warping. Nonetheless, natural movement of the planks can be expected due to natural expansion and contraction of the wood caused by changes in humidity, sunlight, or moisture. This movement may cause cracks, but rest assured that these are normal occurrences that do not affect the structural integrity of the piece.



Tree knot

Formed by branches of a tree, The knots are ever-changing as the tree grows. They come in many shapes and sizes, and are a unique characteristic of natural wood that is to be appreciated.

Wood scar

As the tree grows, wild animals and birds may scratch and claw the timber, causing natural wood scars.

Pin knot

Small holes resulting from bird peck and associated discoloration creates a unique contrast in color and texture in the wood.

Colour variation

Due to environmental factors, the timber has a natural variation in colour. We join multiple planks of wood to make the furniture, hence a variation in colour between planks can be expected.



Unique. Each piece of American Walnut furniture displays unique characteristics that makes each piece one of a kind. This includes knots, cracks, grain variations and colour differences, which are incorporated into the furniture. You will not find two identical pieces, and this differentiates your Prestige Affairs piece from another with its stark quality and display.

Solid and Durable. Solid wood furniture in your household can withstand the wear and tear from normal daily use and with sufficient care for the wood, the furniture will age gracefully and prove to be a timeless piece.

Easy to Maintain and Clean. Generally a strong material to work with, American Walnut furniture requires minimum maintenance to retain its quality. A regular wipe down with a damp cloth will do the trick. For tips on how to maintain your wood furniture, refer to our Maintenance & Care instructions.


A little care for your furniture goes a long way in keeping your furniture looking great.
Make dusting with a damp cloth a regular part of your routine, as dirty surfaces can cause scratches.

Table surfaces are coated to be resistant to moisture, spills, and tolerant of moderate heat - keeping maintenance easy and fuss free. Simply clean the surface with a damp (not wet) cloth to clean off any fingerprints, or dust and prevent any build up of dust. Always use a dry cloth to remove any access moisture on the surface.

Always make sure the furniture is kept out of direct sunlight in your home as excessive sunlight may discolour the furniture and dry the wood. Prolonged exposure to high temperature and moisture, or continual sunlight may cause visible changes to the wood to appear.


Clean lines, exquisite craftsmanship and understated elegance are characteristic of the¬†Signature¬†Collection designs. The line draws a strong influence from Nordic styles ‚Äď fusing shape with functionality ‚Äď to bring a touch of sophistication into each home. Each piece is carefully crafted to embrace the natural characteristics of the wood, giving it a beauty and texture like no other and proving to be a worthy investment.

The Signature Collection uses a mix of straight grain and wavy grain timber, embracing both heartwood and sapwood. Each piece of furniture is unique and exquisitely crafted, showing the life of the tree etched in the grain. No two pieces will be the same.


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