1. All prices quoted for commercial purchase are based on self-collection without assembly or delivery by default, unless otherwise stated. Self-Collection is by appointment only (Tuesday to Friday, 11am to 6pm). You will be emailed regarding the self-collection or delivery date of the goods.

  2. Delivery if required will be quoted separately. 

  3. Unannounced arrivals for self collection at our premise will not be entertained.

  4. Prestige Affairs Pte. Ltd. (Prestige Affairs) is not responsible for your vehicle when you load the goods into your vehicle

  5. Prestige Affairs is not responsible for any consequential damages.

  6. Prestige Affairs liability is limited to the value of the goods purchased.

  7. All orders are irrevocable, non-returnable, non-exchangeable and non-refundable. Deposits paid are non-refundable and non-transferrable.

  8. Colour, grain, and texture variations are natural characteristics of authentic wood surfaces. Since no two trees are exactly alike, these variations are evident in every piece of wood. Therefore, there can be slight variation in colour, grain, and texture between actual finished products. Thus variation in colour, grain, and texture will not be reason for replacement upon delivery as it is not a defect.

  9. Aging and use of furniture will affect the colour and texture of both customized and mass produced furniture. These natural occurrences shall not be deemed as defects.

  10. Our products may use components that are natural, handmade or recycled materials. They will therefore have the finishes and properties of such materials. Customers acknowledge that they are fully aware of such variations and imperfections inherent in such materials, and it is not considered a defect.

  11. Certain furniture will not have full or will have no finishes on certain surfaces and parts of furniture; such as bottoms of table tops and chairs, bottom or back of bed frame, the bottom of drawers and bed slates to reduce costs. These shall in no way be deemed as defective finishes. These examples are not exhaustive.

  12. Minor surface imperfections that do not reduce the function of the product are not deemed as defects. E.g. scratches

  13. The Company uses cardboard and other materials for packaging most of its furniture. These materials may occasionally cause “micro-scratches” to the surface of furniture. These “micro-scratches” do not constitute as defects.

  14. The Company shall remain title and possession of goods, until full payment for the purchases item(s) including service charges, has been made.

  15. In the unlikely event that goods are damaged upon receipt, please inform us immediately. You will need to ship the goods back to our warehouse for repair within 7 days of receiving the goods. Any dispute/claim made after 7 days from date of receipt of goods will not be entertained.

  16. Goods sent for repair will take 7-14 working days to service. There is no on-the-spot repair.

  17. Please contact us by email at contact@prestige-affairs.com for all commercial matters, including support issues or all commercial general enquiries.

  18. All goods sold are for commercial use only. Service and support claims will not be entertained for residential use.

  19. You are required to bring along the necessary documents for collection or repair of goods. No service will be provided without the proper documents such as invoice or confirmation email.

  20. All purchased goods are to be received within 30 days from date of purchase/ goods arrival otherwise storage charges of $10.70 per item per day is chargeable, up to a maximum of 30 days, after which customers must receive goods regardless of circumstances or forfeit claimant rights of title of the furniture purchased earlier without compensation.

  21. Prestige Affairs reserves the right to reject any order that is due to data entry error or for any other reason without liability or compensation. Prestige Affairs will refund the amount that has been paid, if any.

  22. We accept changes to the delivery date and/or time up to 5 working days before the stipulated delivery date. Any changes must be made in writing to Prestige Affairs through email. Please remember to include your sales order number in the email subject title for tracking purposes. The change in delivery date and/or time will not be considered confirmed unless we have replied in writing.

  23. Failed deliveries are chargeable. You are to make all necessary arrangements at delivery site to facilitate smooth delivery. Failure to do so will result in a reschedule of delivery, which is chargeable.

  24. You are responsible for rescheduling any missed deliveries. The rescheduling of deliveries can be made by email to contact@prestige-affairs.com

  25. We do not provide furniture disposal services. We are not able to dispose of old furniture as old furniture needs to be broken into pieces and incurs a fee paid to the relevant authorities to have it disposed properly. We do not have the resources and license to dispose of old furniture. 

  26. Prestige Affairs will not be liable for any injury, loss or damage whatsoever that may occur through the misuse, alteration or faulty assembly of any of its products.

  27. Prestige Affairs obligations are to the original purchaser. Service and support claims are voided if title of the furniture is transferred to another party.

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