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Dining Set Care 101: Sparkle and Shine

by Prestige Affairs Team on

A dining set is not merely an assembly of pieces but the vibrant core of your home, where each meal becomes an occasion, and every gathering is infused with laughter and cherished memories. In places like Singapore, where each item of furniture effortlessly marries functionality with elegance, the importance of keeping your dining set in immaculate condition becomes paramount, especially for those who take joy in hosting. This guide delves into a blend of simple yet effective strategies and detailed care tips to ensure your dining set retains its charm and sophistication.

A modern dining set

Simple Yet Effective Maintenance Tips

Safeguarding Against Scratches

Scratches are anathema to the beauty of any dining set. To protect the seamless surface of your wooden dining ensemble, it's crucial to prevent dragging objects across it. In locales like Singapore, where dining tables with light finishes are in vogue, even the smallest scratches can significantly detract from their aesthetic appeal. While touch-up solutions can address minor damages, deeper scratches may require the expertise of a professional restoration service.

Prompt Liquid Spillage Management

To avert potential damage, spills should be cleaned immediately, preventing liquids from seeping beneath objects like vases and possibly harming the finish once dried.

Selection of Tablecloths and Placemats

Exercise caution with vinyl and plastic materials, as they may cause damage or discoloration to wood finishes over time. It's advisable to opt for materials that are gentle on your dining set's surface.

In-Depth Care Tips

Close-up of a soft, lint-free cloth

Regular Dusting

Dust may seem innocuous, but over time, it can cause superficial scratches on your dining set's finish. Regular dusting with a soft, lint-free cloth is recommended. It's important to steer clear of dusting products containing silicones that could damage the wood's texture.

Erasing Water Rings

Unsightly water rings left by glasses can be effectively removed with a homemade solution of vinegar and olive oil, applied with a soft cloth in the direction of the wood grain, followed by a thorough buffing with a clean cloth.

Temperature and Humidity Considerations

It's crucial to keep wooden dining sets away from direct heat sources, such as radiators, to prevent warping. Similarly, storing extension leaves in proximity to the main table helps ensure consistency in temperature and moisture levels.

Monitoring and maintaining humidity levels within the 40-45% range is essential to prevent cracking or swelling of the wood. In Singapore's humid climate, this may require the use of air conditioning to achieve optimal indoor humidity levels.

Key Considerations

When investing in custom-made or online furniture in Singapore, it's beneficial to inquire about specific cleaning and maintenance guidelines tailored to the unique finishes of your pieces.

If you're contemplating a new dining set purchase, our team is at your disposal to provide personalized advice and quotes, helping you to elevate your home dining experience with a blend of elegance and durability.

These recommendations are designed to keep your dining set inviting and visually appealing, ensuring it remains the focal point of your home for all meals, celebrations, and casual gatherings.


  1. How often should I dust my dining set?

    • Regular dusting is recommended at least once a week to prevent the build-up of dust that can scratch the finish.
  2. Can I use commercial cleaners on my wood dining set?

    • It's best to avoid harsh commercial cleaners and opt for mild, natural solutions to prevent damage to the wood's finish.
  3. What should I do if my dining set is exposed to direct sunlight?

    • Consider using curtains or blinds to reduce exposure to direct sunlight, which can fade and damage the wood over time.
  4. How can I protect my dining table from heat damage?

    • Use trivets or mats under hot dishes to prevent heat damage to the table's surface.
  5. Is it necessary to use a humidifier in Singapore for my wood dining set?

    • Given Singapore's humid climate, using a dehumidifier might be more appropriate to maintain the recommended humidity levels for wood furniture.
  6. Can scratches on a dining set be completely removed?

    • While minor scratches can often be camouflaged or repaired, deep scratches might require professional restoration.


By adhering to these care tips and maintenance strategies, you can ensure your dining set not only serves as the hub of your home but also remains a testament to timeless beauty and durability. It's about creating a space that welcomes, celebrates, and withstands the test of time, making every moment around the table truly special.


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